From Professional to Producer: A Conversation with Peter Avalon

Championship Wrestling From Arizona started as a pipe dream. An offshoot of the hugely successful Championship Wrestling From HollywoodCWFAZ sought to fill a niche that the public of the southwest clamored for: a weekly wrestling program based in the Grand Canyon State. In the autumn of 2016, CWFH Executive Producer David Marquez set up production in Tucson, Arizona and handed off operations to his son Nikko. After striking a deal with The Nile Theater, Nikko Marquez moved the Television Events to Mesa, Arizona, and named a new head of the company. recently sat down with that new figurehead, the man known as Producer Peter Avalon.

“Nikko Marquez was in charge of the operation and was having difficulty getting down to Arizona,” says Avalon, rolling a pen from a local television station through his fingers. “So he sent his main man in charge: The One…PPA.” Peter took control of the company and immediately put his first plan into action: crowning the inaugural Arizona State Champion. Being the longest reigning Hollywood Heritage Champion in CWFH history, Avalon entered himself into the Championship tournament but ultimately lost to the man who would go on to win it all, Gino Rivera. Self-serving decisions such as inserting himself into the title picture raise the question is Peter Avalon better suited as a producer or as a competitor on Championship Wrestling From Arizona?

“I’m a man of all talents,” snaps Avalon without missing a beat. “I’m 100% great at being a producer and 100% great at being a professional wrestler, so you could say I’m 200% fantastic.” Through all that confidence shines a man who really cares about the Arizona program, and upon digging deeper it becomes clear that the prosperity of CWFAZ is important to Avalon personally.

“The success of Arizona means the success of Hollywood and the success of Hollywood means the success of the United Wrestling Network.” Underneath it all, Peter Avalon is a man who wants to see all the organizations he’s involved with triumph. As the United Wrestling Network continues to expand its television reach to bring programming like Combat Zone Wrestling and Capitol Wrestling to the air, communicating directly with viewers has become a higher priority for Producer Peter.

“I appreciate the audience every week tuning in and coming out to the greatest show on Earth…the Biggest Man in Professional Wrestling’s show…my show…Championship Wrestling From Arizona. The fans pull themselves out of that disgusting wretched heat and pack into the Nile Theater to enjoy the show that is CWFAZ.” The Marquez family has always thought highly of talents and producers who understand the viewers, and if this track record is a sign of things to come, it looks like Producer Peter Avalon will here to stay. So for the fans of Arizona, it’s going to be PPA all day.