Silver Spotlight Brackets Announced

The competitors have been set and the brackets are locked! Let’s take a look at the first round match ups:

Arizona newcomer Richie Slade has a tough hill to climb in taking on one of the Copper State’s most tenured brawlers, Alex Salyers. Will Slade score an upset and squeak by to the next round or will it be last call for the “Hero in Black Leather”?

This will be a battle of youth versus experience as the lightning quick Damian Drake steps into the ring with long time United Wrestling Network fan favorite Ray Rosas. Ray has the advantage in this round as a former United Television Champion and Tag Team Champion. Drake will have to be crafty to outwork the veteran.

Watch it, preppy! The brash confidence of Jayme Beachler may have met its match in the immovable object called R-Three. Beachler has had a stroke of luck lately in the squared circle, but his luck may run out in the first round match.

Jacob Austin Young recently returned to CWFAZ after time spent pursuing a residency in artisan foam art. With a pep in his step from the double shot in his cup, Young has set his sights on the Silver Spotlight. If there’s a perfect person to stop him, that person is Manny Lemons. Coffee and lemon juice don’t mix, so this first round match is sure to light a fire in these men. Who will have his hand raised as the bearded barista meets the man with a zest for life?
The Silver Spotlight Tournament will be decided on June 8th at the World Famous Nile Theater. Don’t miss it!