A Perfect Storm of Pain Headed for PPA at AZ 100

MESA, Az. – Something sinister has snapped inside former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm and ‘Producer’ Peter Avalon could be in for a Category 5 level of punishment yet again.

Weeks ago on Championship Wrestling from Arizona, PPA was scheduled to get a shot at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship in a match against the now former holder of the ‘10 Pounds of Gold,’ the National Treasure Nick Aldis.

Due to a travel mix up, Aldis was unable to make the match so Storm was sent in his place. PPA was furious that he wasn’t getting an opportunity at the title. His frustration was front and center during his match up with Storm at the World-Famous Nile Theater.

The stipulation of the match had changed with the winner of the match getting a guaranteed shot at the NWA Champ. PPA came out victorious, but not in a way that he wanted. Avalon was beat mercilessly with a folding chair, causing a disqualification win over Storm.

Now, with no stipulation on the line, “The Biggest Man in Professional Wrestling” will head into the eye of the hurricane as dark clouds gather at the Nile.

“Look Tim Storm, it’s September, which means school is back in session and I’ll send you back to the classroom where you belong. Old man, you have no business being in a wrestling ring anymore and the only chair you’re gonna get a chance to use is a wheel chair when I’m done with you,” Avalon said.

Will PPA get a pound of flesh after his savage beating or will Storm surge to victory at the 2 year anniversary of Championship Wrestling from Arizona?

Don’t miss it during our biggest show ever, AZ100, coming up Saturday, Sept. 8 at the World Famous Nile Theater. Bell time is 3:15 pm.

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