A Taste for Turtlenecks

“Look good…Feel good!”

Fans of our program may have noticed some changes to the show since Ryan Morals took over as Head Matchmaker. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the name change to the weekly episodes. The program formerly known as Championship Wrestling From Arizona now sports the new and improved title of the Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys. Mr. Morals sought to enhance other elements of his show on a more visual level that he hopes will make the program “mother approved.”

Ryan Morals’ bright shining face can be seen in the very first episode of the Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys speaking from the heart. The ring is decorated with Ryan’s favorite balloons and bows fit for a good boy. With The Head Matchmaker’s touch on all aspects of the show, viewers can expect to see more balloons and rewards for upright boys and girls (if they are extra good) on future episodes. The staff was quick to comment on the aesthetic improvements and were met with a change of their own.

Nipping any talk in the bud, Morals had his broadcast team and referees fitted for turtlenecks that are now the standard uniform. Though unconventional in 2018, the turtlenecks add a touch of eclectic taste to the program that has been missing since its inception. CWFArizona.com caught up with commentator Jonny Loquasto to get his take on the new attire.

“I never thought that a turtleneck and bow tie combination was even possible, but I clearly underestimated the brain of Ryan Morals. Was it comfortable? Not in the slightest. But at least the turtleneck didn’t have a photo of his mother on it, so it could’ve been worse.” Mr. Morals is working to get an image of his mother embroidered on the uniforms for the next set of tapings.

CWFArizona.com would like to thank Mr. Morals for his hard work and dedication to the small details that make his program stand out.

This post was approved by Ryan Morals in association with the Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys.