United World Tag Team Championship on the line at AZ100!

R-Three and Evan Daniels, collectively known as the Agents of Chaos, have been running roughshod over Championship Wrestling From Arizona for the better part of 2018. We’ve seen them run off a myriad of competitors, forceably change ownership of the program, and secure a guaranteed Arizona State Championship match at any time Evan Daniels sees fit with the Silver Spotlight Trophy. With everything coming up Milhouse for the Agents of Chaos, what could sound sweeter than becoming the new United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions at AZ100?

“Here’s a sound for ya!” screams one half of the World Tag Team Champions Adam Thornstowe, “Bang! Boom! Cracking your skulls in! Oi!” Perhaps not the most eloquent of words, but an effective message from the one half of the world-traveled Reno SCUM. The Champions have held their titles since Decmeber 2017 and have traveled around the world defending against tag teams in cities as far away as Wenzhou, China. As experienced as Reno SCUM have proven to be, they haven’t encountered a team as disorderly as the Agents of Chaos.

When CWFArizona.com asked the Champions to comment on Daniels and R-Three’s strategy to pick apart tag teams by isolating the team members, the mammoth with a mohawk named Luster the Legend chimed in,
“United we survive, divided we die! We are the Reno SCUM and we will walk into AZ100 the winners and Agents of Chaos will walk out the losers!”

Both teams are confident going into this Blockbuster Event on September 8 at the Nile Theater in Mesa. Who will walk out of AZ100 with the United World Tag Team Championship in their grasp? Be there live to find out!