Arizona and the United Wrestling Network

When United Wrestling Network President David Marquez scouted regions to set up his latest promotion, he uncovered an area full of potential with an untapped fanbase. Upon selecting the Southwest corner of the United States to create his company, Marquez began lining up everything that you’d need to put on a memorable wrestling event. With all of the necessary resources available, there was one more factor that Championship Wrestling From Arizona could bring to the table that no one else in the state could: television. With complete broadcast coverage of the entire state of Arizona (a first for any locally-based wrestling program), television has made CWFAZ a major player in the United Wrestling Network. With a reach to 2.5 Million homes, the program allows the company to bring in stars from other popular United promotions.

Now under the command of “Producer” Peter Avalon, Arizona is looking like the place to be in the American Southwest. Avalon has made a point to bring in United competitors that have left an impact on him during his professional travels. Future Stars of Wrestling has brought popular wrestlers like Suede Thompson, Chris Bey, and Tomaste into the fold. Peter’s home promotion of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood brought the likes of Dicky Mayer, United Television Champion Scorpio Sky, and now CWFAZ’s first Arizona State Champion Gino Rivera to the program. Peter Avalon’s ventures to Combat Zone Wrestling have given him opportunities to negotiate future appearances from wrestlers like Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Joe Gacy.

The influx of stars from across the United Wrestling Network allows for major events to be broadcast on television. CWFAZ’s first major event took place in 2017 as the company hosted “Cavalcade of Champions,” a showcase of talents encompassing the entire United Wrestling Network. Champions like Stevie Fierce from Chicago’s Freelance Wrestling and Mercury Yaden from Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Pro defended their titles in decisive fashion, demonstrating that the competition in the United Wrestling Network can challenge anyone on Earth.

With a United World Champion to be crowned in 2018, more gold will be shining in the Grand Canyon State. And with great things on the horizon, fans can be sure that Championship Wrestling From Arizona will be a fixture of the United Wrestling Network for years to come.