AZ100: CZW World Championship

One hundred episodes is a milestone achievement for any television show. If any eyes were looking sideways before, it’s undeniable to look away from a successful program once it has hit the century mark. The United Wrestling Network is packed with champions who have kept an eye on the Grand Canyon State looking for the moment to step into the spotlight. AZ100 is that moment, and Combat Zone Wrestling’s World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman is that man.

Arizona fans will remember that Watson has earned big opportunities in the last few months by repeatedly pushing passed his potential. After re-centering himself, the world is looking up for him. With a shot to become Champion of the the most controversial promotion in the UnitedWrestling Network, had to find out if Watson is ready. Here is his response:

ICYMI @combatzone Champion @The_MJF is coming to the desert to defend his title on Sat, Sept. 8. And @Heis_WATSON can’t wait! ?☀️??

Get your ? for #AZ100 before they’re gone!

— CWFAZ (@CWFAZTV) August 27, 2018

Without skipping a beat, MJF sent a reply to Watson to make it very clear who he will be dealing with at AZ100.

ICYMI @combatzone champion @The_MJF is coming to town to defend his title vs. @Heis_WATSON!

Get your tickets now to #AZ100, our biggest show ever, coming up Saturday, Sept. 8 at @niletheater!


— CWFAZ (@CWFAZTV) August 24, 2018

Since Watson spent months under the learning tree of the mindful Tomaste, possibly the last word fans would use to describe Watson is “Ultraviolent.” In order to capture the CZW World Championship, Watson may have to become just that. Find out on September 8 as Championship Wrestling From Arizona presents AZ100!