Good Boys: A RJMCWHFGB Weekend Preview

I think to myself, “What a wonderful world!”

It’s morning again in Arizona as we begin another weekend of wrestling action with Ryan Morals at the helm. Last week’s episode kicked off the delightful journey of Morals forray into the world as Head Matchmaker. He did a very good job making matches this week, so be a good boy and see what’s in store!

The 2018 PP3 Cup Bearer Suede Thompson finally gets his hands on the man who has put him out of action more than once, Oliver Grimsly. To say that this contest is personal is an understatement. These men aren’t only trying to end the match, but do lasting damage to each other. Will Suede ensure that Oliver has no future on the program or will Grimsly use that crowbar to wedge a gap between Thompson and a fair shot at using Percy’s Privilege?

Next up, Mr. Morals brings us a featured match from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. Two of Arizona’s toughest competitors square off under the bright lights of Hollywood as Royce Isaacs steps in the ring with EJ Sparks. Will Sparks show Hollywood why the moniker “Phoenix’s Favorite Sun” should be in lights or will that be put to bed with some Hush Money?

In our Main Event, we have the greatest extravaganza in Arizona history since Ryan Morals beat “Poopy” Peter Avalon two weeks ago in a Gavel-on-a-Pole match. The valiant Ryan Morals challenges the “Puerto Rican Pitbull” Gino Rivera for the Arizona State Championship! Will Gino sneak away with the title still in his grasp (Dale doesn’t think so!!) or will it be a good day for a good boy? Tune in to his week’s Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys and find out!

*** would like to thank Mr. Morals for his hard work and dedication to this week’s program.

This post was approved by Ryan Morals in association with the Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boys.