Finale: A CWFAZ Weekend Preview

It was once said that “Ev’ryone wishes for Silver and Gold” and this week on the Season Finale of Championship Wrestling From Arizona is no different as the Arizona State Championship will be defended in a triple threat match! Current Champion “Exciting” Evan Daniels defends his title against two past champions Gino Rivera and EJ Sparks in this week’s Main Event, but that’s not all!

Bey and Thompson, Double Platinum.

The United Wrestling Network’s newest tag team Double Platinum(Suede Thompson and Chris Bey) are in action for the first time as a team on CWFAZ taking on Damian Drake and thereturning Daniel “D-Man” Parker! After their incredible best of seven seriesacross the UWN, Thompson and Bey have joined forces and we’ve seen a newdespicable attitude from the pair now calling themselves Double Platinum. Willthey be victorious in their CWFAZ tag team debut or will Drake and Parker spoil the party?

Also in action Ryan Immorals attempts to win back his job at CWFAZ but he’s going to have to go through LJ Ramos. Ramos has been incredibly vocal towards UWN Management and specificially “Producer” Peter Avalon, and has felt incredibly disrespected with the way he feels his career has been treated. For Ryan Immorals, a victory on this high profile stage would be vindication as he would find himself back on the right path and gainfully employed as an active competitor for CWFAZ. As the Holiday season approaches one starts to wonder if we will indeed have a Miracle on Main Street?

Finally in the main event of FINALE, the Arizona State Title will be on the line in a Triple Threat Match, with “Exciting” Evan Daniels defending against Gino Rivera and EJ Sparks. For Sparks, this is an opportunity not only at personal redemption, but a chance to finally hold the title that he won, but never even got to touch. At AZ100 EJ Sparks finally achieved his dream of defeating Gino Rivera and becoming the AZ State Champion, but before he could be awarded the title Silver Spotlight winner Evan Daniels cashed in his guaranteed title opportunity and pinned Sparks to become the new champion. As for the third competitor in this contest, Gino Rivera looks to cement a legacy as the greatest Arizona State Champion in history and become a two time champion. Will we crown a new champion, or will Evan Daniels ride off into the Arizona sunset still holding the gold?

Join us this week for Championship Wrestling from Arizona FINALE!